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Hidden Waterfall
Oconee State Park SC

Hiking Map & Guide

Waterfall Near Oconee State Park SC

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Hidden Falls in Oconee County SC is nestled along the blue ridge front.  This falls is accessible via a 2 mile trail from Oconee State Park though you can shorten the hike to 1 mile each way by parking just outside the park on a National Forest gravel road as described here.  This is the same starting point as that used for the Long Mountain hike also described on this website.

Image of Gate At Trailhead Hidden Falls Hiking Trail, Sumter National Forest SC
Gate at Parking Area (go right for Hidden Falls) 

To reach the starting point, drive north on SC 107 from Oconee State Park.  Approximately 0.5 miles from the park entrance, bear right onto a gravel road.  Follow the road for approximately 1 mile until you reach a gate at an intersection with a second gravel road.  Pull off to the right and park ( Approximate GPS Coordinates 3452'33.04"N  8306'00.91"W ).  The trail starts along the second gravel road to the right.  

Hidden Falls Trail Start
Second Gravel Road at start

After about 100 feet, the foothills trail will cross the path (left on this path will get you to the top of Long Mountain).  Continue straight on the old roadbed.  After approximately 0.1 mile at sign the trail will descend to the left from the grade of the former logging road.

The trail gradually descends through woods.  A small creek to the right eventually feeds Hidden Falls.  However the trail shortly departs from the creek to descend along the western and then northern crest of a small ridge.  Eventually the trail bears back to the east and into an open cove to reveal the falls.  Return along the same path.  Use care around the falls - There was a fatality in Spring of 2009 when someone who was climbing on the falls, fell.

Image of Hidden Falls near Oconee State Park - Sumter National Forest ,  SC
Hidden Falls

For a more challenging hike, you can hike this trail using the Foothills Trail parking area at Oconee State Park.  This adds 2 miles for a total round trip distance of approximately 4 miles.

Other hikes and bike rides in or near Long Mountain:

  • Tamassee Knob Hike - moderate summit (~1700+ ft) 2.1 miles one way
  • Oconee Trail - moderate 2.7 mile loop within Oconee State Park
  • Mountain Rest - moderate to strenuous 13.6 mile bike loop starting at Oconee State Park 
  • Foothills Trail - strenuous multi-day trail from Oconee State Park to Table Rock State Park

Hidden Falls Trail Profile, Oconee State Park, SC
Hidden Falls Trail Profile


Image of Topographic Hiking Map of Hidden Falls Trail, Oconee State Park, Sumter National Forest, Upstate SC

Miles 2 (round trip)
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