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Beyond Trails In The Wind River Mountains Of WY
By Nancy Pallister 2010
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ISBN 9781936178216
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Beyond Trails In The Wind River Mountains Of WY Details

Routes described in this guidebook are intended for the advanced backpacker who is already an experienced safe outdoorsman and seeks more challenge. Most of the routes have been done, at one time or another, within NOLS courses. Most experiencedbackpackers can do many routes described in the 1st 4 chapters. Mountaineering experience on class 2-3 terrain or glaciers is recommended for a number of routes, especially routes described in the later chapters (north of the Brown Cliffs). The guidecovers Stough, Creek Basin, Atlantic Canyon, Headwaters of Tayo Creek, Deep Creek Lakes, Little Sandy Creek, Cirque of the Towers, Dickinson Cirques, South Fork of the Little Wind, Baptiste Lake, Desolation Valley, Bonneville Basin, Twenty Lakes, NorthFork Little Wind River, Bull Lake Creek, Brown Cliffs, Bull Lake Canyon, Dry Creek, Dinwoody Creek, The Downs Fork, Torrey Creek, Baker Lake, Bear Basin... and more! An included companion CD has photos showing virtual trails, scenery, and other importantfeatures of the trails - 384pp/photos/maps/cd included